Connectivity Matters Summit

Connectivity Matters Summit


May 2019




Ministry of Sound



TalkTalk Business hosted a landmark event, the Connectivity Matters Summit, with us in May, which brought together over 200 Carrier and Partner customers. The conference was designed to champion the importance of connectivity in the modern business landscape.

The event took place at the iconic Ministry of Sound, and the choice of location perfectly complemented the conference’s vision, providing an environment that was both dynamic and conducive to high-level discussions. Guests were greeted with high-impact signage, setting the tone for the day as they entered the venue. The LED wall in The 103 ensured continuous brand visibility.

The success of the Connectivity Matters Summit was a result of meticulous planning and seamless execution. TalkTalk worked closely with the in-house events team to align every detail with the conference objectives. This collaboration was key to ensuring that the event proceeded without a hitch, from the initial setup to the final closing remarks.

Audience engagement was a central focus of the summit. To facilitate this, an event app was introduced, allowing participants to submit questions, engage in live polls, and interact with speakers in real-time.

The app’s effectiveness was evident, as it received the highest number of submitted questions compared to any previous event, according to the app moderator.

Given the conference’s focus on connectivity, the technological aspects of the event needed to be flawless. The venue’s high-speed internet connection and advanced collaboration tools played a crucial role in this. The technology infrastructure at Ministry of Sound not only supported but enhanced the overall conference experience.

Connectivity Matters Summit
Connectivity Matters Summit