SEGA Christmas Party

SEGA Christmas Party


Jaunary 2023




Ministry of Sound


Christmas Party

SEGA Christmas Party

After facing postponement due to the pandemic and further delays caused by train strikes, SEGA Europe, one of the largest multinational video game and entertainment companies globally, approached Ministry Venues to host their third major event at Ministry of Sound.

Drawing inspiration from the classic film ‘Back to the Future,’ an immersive experience named ‘Blast to the Past’ was created within The Box. This themed experience featured full-sized interactive arcade games, a 1950s diner area, an illuminated dance floor, and retro decorations. The courtyard outside, serving as the entrance to the event, underwent a transformation with a DeLorean brought in for decoration, accompanied by the signature clock tower.

The entrance tunnel leading to the main event space had lighting effects to create a vortex, providing guests with the sensation of travelling back in time. Staff were encouraged to wear fancy dress to align with the theme, enhancing the immersive experience.

The Box, the focal point of the event, incorporated unique ideas to bring the room to life; the ceiling adorned with multi-coloured slinkies represented an innovative approach to infusing fun and colour into the space.

SEGA Christmas Party
SEGA Christmas Party

“A massive thanks to Ministry Venues for being so accommodating, flexible and patient whilst we jumped around the calendar trying to find the perfect Plan B date!”