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EventHuddle will shortly be introducing the EventHuddle Podcast and will not be hosting live events for the remainder of the year. Details of the podcast will follow. 

Event Huddle Archive


Can a company market a diversity cause when their internal culture doesn’t reflect this

From ‘’Black lives matter’’ to ‘’sustainability’’ and the war in Ukraine, it has become the ‘’norm’’ for companies to show a stance on matters in the public realm. Are these being reflected in the recruitment process, policies and culture or is it just corporate lip service that ends at midnight. Corporate Social Responsibility can be used to make businesses promote and help increase awareness of social causes. This can help raise funding and create talking points as well as bringing awareness to a wider audience. is it right for a company to tackle these subjects when their internal policies don’t align and the marketing can mislead the consumer. EventHuddle announces the next debate on Tuesday 25th of October at 8am.


Where are the Next Generation of #eventprofs?

With so many routes into the events industry, it can be tricky for recruiters and applicants alike to truly understand and quantify their qualifications and experience to fit a new role. Our panel of experts will be discussing how they began their careers and hear what stands out to them when looking for new talent in 2022. As always, you'll have the chance to ask questions, network with industry professionals, and get useful information to help find the right path for you. Whether you’re a seasoned event professional looking to expand your team, or a school leaver interested in the events industry, this is the event to be at.


Can Podcasting Really Help To Grow Your Business?

With changing habits of clients are there new ways to reach your audience and retain your database? Can podcasting really help your business grow and is it easy to set up, manage and share. Join our expert panel to discuss the merits of Podcasting, learn the simple steps to creating your own and decide whether a podcast is right for your business.